REMADYL aims at recycling the so-called “old PVC”, i.e. PVC additivated with hazardous legacy substances (LS) such as low molecular weight phthalate plasticisers (mainly DEHP) and heavy metal based stabilisers (mainly lead).  This “old PVC” constitutes most of current hard (e.g. window frames, tubes) and soft (e.g. flooring or cables) PVC post-consumer waste.

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REMADYL: a new technique to remove hazardous substances from PVC

On June 1st , a new EU project has launched, aiming at recycling the “old PVC” into high purity PVC, thus demonstrating the circular use of PVC for products - such as window profiles; waterproofing sheets, etc… - providing a flagship example for the circular economy. Over the next [...]

REMADYL Project @World Circular Economy Forum 2019

REMADYL Project was presented during the side event organized by the EASME - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Helsinki, last 03rd June 2019. During the session "Scaling up innovative circular solutions for plastics"; new and ongoing projects funded under Horizon 2020 exchanged their views and [...]