REMADYL at Global PVC Compounding & Production Cycle Forum

REMADYL has been presented by the Exploitation & Dissemination Manager Marco de la Feld at the Global PVC Compounding & Production Cycle Forum organised by TBM Group and held online on 15-16 June 2020.

Mr. de la Feld has presented objectives and overview of the project, current status, first results and potential impact for compounders. Furthermore, he has made an overview about REMADYL in the overall european circular economy package.

Topics covered during the 2 days session included also:

  • The key role of the Compounder in the PVC Production Cycle
  • From the granule to the product: innovations and developments from PVC’s main applications
  • Strong focus on sustainability and cost cutting while keeping high quality levels
  • A look on the whole PVC Production Cycle: stabilisers, plasticisers, pigments and machinery to ensure a consistent, effective and competitive product
  • What does PVC recycling mean for the compounding sector?


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