DECEUNINCK fully engaged in REMADYL for preparing rigid PVC compounds and for developing an inline lead detection system

At the PVC compounding and recycling plant of Deceuninck formulations are developed for the manufacturing of window and door profiles. As a partner in REMADYL, a Horizon 2020 European Project, Deceuninck provides the research institutes with rigid PVC compounds and samples. Second, in the recycling process, the implementation of a lead detection unit is discussed and tested. Also decades of PVC extrusion knowledge and experience is shared to accomplish the removal of lead stabilizers from post-consumer PVC.

So far, Deceuninck already compounded several PVC formulations for the partners in the project. These include virgin compounds (that are for example lead or Ca-Zn stabilized), recycled compounds (that are micronized or granulated) and hybrid compounds (that consist of a mixture of virgin and recycled PVC).

Further, together with REMADYL partners IRIS, BulkID and Centexbel the possible lead measurement sensors for rigid PVC were discussed. A first visit at the recycling plant was organized in order to find the most suited place in the process. A test set-up will be made to test the selected sensor technique. For these tests, Deceuninck will provide representative PVC test materials.


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