DANOSA has recently prepared new formulations of plasticized PVC at an industrial scale for use in the REMADYL project

DANOSA, as a partner of the REMADYL Horizon 2020 European Project, has prepared a first batch of 600 kg plasticized PVC at an industrial scale for research purposes. This batch, deliberately plasticized with hazardous legacy plasticizers, will be used later on by the Fraunhofer-Institut für Chemische Technologie to improve the extraction of the plasticizers. This as part of the activities to accomplish the rejuvenation of the PVC intended in the project. Till now all plasticized samples in the project had been prepared exclusively at lab scale.

Recycled PVC obtained in REMADYL, already free of hazardous legacy substances, will be reintroduced in the market as part of window profiles and waterproofing membranes as a clear example of Circular Economy.

DANOSA actively participates in REMADYL as part of the strong commitment of the company with Sustainability and Circular Economy.

Eva del Amo and Javier Escudero (DANOSA)               Danosa facility


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