REMADYL Third General Assembly

On the 17th and 18th of December 2020, Remadyl consortium representatives virtually convened together for the third General Assembly meeting scheduled for M18.

Everyone presented the progresses and results of the tasks they are individually carrying out to bring the other partners up to date and better align the efforts.

The topics dealt during the meeting were:

  • The evaluation of the detection techniques and the monitoring systems under development;
  • An overview on the extraction and lead removal processes, with presentation of the first results of extraction tests;
  • Progresses in the safety assessment of the recycled products for re-use;
  • Advancement in the Life Cycle and Life Cost Analyses for Remadyl solutions;
  • Discussion on the protection and dissemination of the first results obtained.

In conclusion of the meeting, the Coordinating partner set some action points for the next period ahead, looking forward to the next General Assembly that will take place by M24.

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