A prototype to detect lead content in rigid PVC samples in REMADYL

IRIS is working on the prototype to detect lead content in rigid PVC samples, which is currently able to determine whether a sample exceeds the limit concentration of lead. The prototype, which is based on the LIBS technique, also includes a feeder and a conveyor belt to handle the PVC pieces, align them properly and drive them at the optimum speed to maximize the throughput of the sorting process. The Spanish deep-tech engineering company is carrying out modifications in the system to minimize the impact of the significant size variation of the samples received from Deceuninck, while at the same time is analysing with them the best location option to install the system within the plant to perform the demonstration.

In parallel, IRIS is making progress with the plasticizers detection system based on NIR reflectance spectroscopy. Calibrated PVC samples with specific plasticizer content have been provided by Danosa in order to develop robust chemometric models that will enable the system to distinguish between the samples that contain DEHP and the ones which do not. Finally, also the feasibility to measure the concentration of the plasticizer content is being investigated.

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