REMADYL Fifth General Assembly

The Fifth General Assembly meeting of Remadyl Consortium has just concluded. The partners met online for two technical working sessions (December 15-16, 2021) to assess the project progresses. The project has now reached a focal point in the actuation of its workplan. In the previous months, all partners had been occupied carrying out their assigned tasks.

During this two-days meeting they discussed significant results and progresses achieved under the different WorkPackages. For instance, production of model samples, mapping and characterization of PVC waste streams,  development of a monitoring system for detecting lead and phthalates based LS in EoL PVC, investigation of the improvement of the batch extraction have been discussed.

Furthermore, the new partner ELOOP has been also introduced for the first time during a consortium meeting.

The Coordinator provided , then, useful recommendations and action points to orientate the work until the next planned General Assembly in M36 (May 2022).

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