The Festival of the New European Bauhaus is taking place from the 9th to the 12th of June as a hybrid event—in Brussels and online. It aims to bring people from across Europe to debate and discuss how to build a more sustainable, beautiful, and inclusive world. In order to do so, the Festival will foster synergies between the arts and science, politics and technology, as well as nature and society.

REMADYL and other 28 research and innovation projects managed by the European Research Executive Agency (REA) will participate at the Fair section of the Festival. These projects have been selected because they live up to the ideals of the New European Bauhaus: beautiful, sustainable, together.

Some of the topics REMADYL and the other projects are researching include building a circular economy, reducing water and food waste, advancing public health, and regenerating urban areas. These projects will participate to connect the European Green Deal to our everyday lives.

Plenty more projects managed by REA will also feature at the over 200 side-events across Europe.

Attend the Festival—either in Brussels or online from anywhere in the world—to find out what vital research and innovation the 29 projects, as well as many other EU-funded projects, are conducting!

Discover REMADYL and other projects featured in NEB in this visual!

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