CREAToR project launches survey to identify barriers for a circular economy for plastics

Similar to the REMADYL project, the CREAToR project aims to purify and recycle plastics with legacy additives. Whereas REMADYL focusses on PVC waste streams containing phthalate plasticizers and lead stabilizers, CREAToR looks at different plastic waste streams that contain hazardous brominated flame retardants such as demolition waste, waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)and End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV)-waste. Both projects are natural partners in reaching a common goal: a clean and safe circular economy for plastics.

The CREAToR project wishes to learn from plastic convertors what they experience to be the main barriers for using plastic recyclates, so that they can take this into account in their production process, or address these in a joint policy brief with REMADYL and other H2020 projects, directed towards the European Commission.

The survey targets both technical barriers and more general barriers (financial, legal, …), with two distinct goals in mind

  • Goal 1: identify end-user requirements for plastic recyclates and process limitations, so that future pre-treatment steps can be defined in order to optimise the CREAToR-process. This information will be shared in a public report so that we, and other partners trying to establish a circular economy for plastics, can learn from these findings as well;
  • Goal 2: learn from your experience (good and bad) with recycled material and what you experience to be the most important barriers. This information will be used as input for a policy brief addressed to the European Commission and for a scientific publication that will be submitted in 2023.

Are you a plastic convertor or involved in the plastic recycling industry, please fill in this survey and help shape a European circular economy for plastic!

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