REMADYL at the Innovation Forum 4 PLASTICS in Brussels

Laurens Delva from Centexbel presented REMADYL Project at the Innovation Forum 4 PLASTICS in Brussels on 15th March 2023.

The Innovation Forum 4Plastics is a permanent cluster of projects aimed at creating and fostering synergies with other relevant H2020 and HORIZON EUROPE projects encompassing the most relevant topics in Sustainability and Circular Economy, in order to offer the industry proven solution for Plastic Recycling.

The Innovation Forum also seeks the development of new processes and progress toward circular economy and encourages engagement with stakeholders, looking forward to be the networking reference for industry, Research community, end users and policy makers.

The 4 main objectives are:

  1. Projects clustering on technologies and methodologies;
  2. Industry and market uptake by potential target clients;
  3. Policy recommendation to the competent authorities
  4. Fund raising from both private (i.e: Venture Capital and Private Equity) and public (i.e.: Brokerage Event) organizations

The expected outcome is a clear collaboration on technology upscaling from different projects, which have been working on the same specific recycling technologies with different angles, subprocesses and target materials, as well as synergies on different proven solution for specific sectors (i.e.: Packaging, Construction, Automotive, Textile).

The target audience includes

a. The scientific community, including the participants of the former PCMI (Plastic Circularity Multiplier Initiative), whose heritage will be collected and promoted for the future;

b. The Industry

c. The Policy Makers

d. The Venture Capital market for the implementation of go-to-market strategy.

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